A 28-member team of health care professionals from Duke University Medical Center is carrying nine tons of surplus medical equipment and donated supplies to the 1500-bed New Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. Mulago Hospital staff will be trained to use and maintain the new equipment then surgeons from both countries will join in conducting a number of brain and spinal surgeries.

The project is administered by Duke’s Global Health Institute.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The List

Michelle Gailiun writes:

It was interesting today....almost everyone on this unit, including Sharot Namubiru here, had seen or heard of the surgical list that's circulating among the staff. Some of the children made it, some did not.

Sharot's daughter, 1 month old Patience, was not on it. She has spina bifida and needs surgery to correct it. But as Jen Bland is explaining to her, we did not come equipped to handle surgery on such tiny infants. Jen first became aware of her plight when Sharot had come running up to her as Jen was bringing up another patient to the unit. Sharot was desperate and asking for help, but Jen didn't know what to say. Later, Sharot stopped me and handed me a note she had written, asking me to take it to Jen.

The note reads:
"I am a Uganda aged 22. I come from a poor family of 18 children. I am HIV positive. I'm married and my husband is now jobless for two years. My child is suffering from hydrocephalus and spina bifida. I don't have money so that I can look after her because I'm not a working class. Please do me a favor so that I can get some help. And the fear of the lord is the source of wisdom."

Dr. Mike Haglund said he will work with a local nuerosurgeon to make sure Sharot and Patience get care. Triage brings tears.