A 28-member team of health care professionals from Duke University Medical Center is carrying nine tons of surplus medical equipment and donated supplies to the 1500-bed New Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. Mulago Hospital staff will be trained to use and maintain the new equipment then surgeons from both countries will join in conducting a number of brain and spinal surgeries.

The project is administered by Duke’s Global Health Institute.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Kind of Miracle

Michelle Gailiun Writes: Get this -- I walk in the recovery room and find Margaret here drawing pictures on a big sheet of paper on her lap. I look closely and there are lots of nurses names and measurements - and a big stack of fabulous fabric nearby. (click on image to zoom)

A dressmaker! Of course! Doesn't every hospital have one? No? This one does. And about everybody in the room has already placed an order. Incredibly, She calls them in and announces they will be ready TOMORROW.

Another miracle. But then again, we've already seen plenty of miracles this week!

Scrub nurse T. Carver and nurse Michael the Angel (he swears it's his given Christian name) selected a lovely floral print (below).

I especially like watching T in the OR because she's not afraid to boss people around and she guards All Things Sterile like a pit bull. Don't know Michael that well, but he had us all roaring and taking his picture tonight at a dinner hosted by some of the hospital and state health leadership.