A 28-member team of health care professionals from Duke University Medical Center is carrying nine tons of surplus medical equipment and donated supplies to the 1500-bed New Mulago Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. Mulago Hospital staff will be trained to use and maintain the new equipment then surgeons from both countries will join in conducting a number of brain and spinal surgeries.

The project is administered by Duke’s Global Health Institute.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life-Altering Surgery

Michelle Gailiun writes:

Take a look at the lighted, right center of this photo (click on image to zoom) and you will see a large, baseball-sized growth atop this patient's head. It's a benign, tumor-like growth this elderly gentleman has had since he can remember, and one that Dr. Stephen Parker is about to remove.

It took Parker and PA Senthil Radhakrishnan several hours to do it, but it should give the patient many more years of life where he will look in the mirror or see his image in a passing windowpane and know that he is, indeed, much like everyone else.